quiz (or jekyll / omori) (s)he + 6teen (15 aug) black

i need to write a better intro got damnnn!

i love webcore and pixel art so much!! i'm super into old anime-like games that have that kind of style even if i can't play them T_T i also really like cats, eldritch horror and images like this (tw for horror). i aim to be a very strange but neutral anime girl

unfortunately i have a very fatal disease called swag. i also have a very hard time talking first but im super friendly i promise *hides body*


feel free to talk to me about any of these things!
bold = really into

media: madness combat, bojack, ososan, mp100, saiki k, madoka, girls last tour, the glass scientists, 8eyes/girlworld, cowboy bebop, kipo

games: omori (duh), cookie run, flight rising, monster prom, aqw, jmkit, sky:cotl, lethal league, sonic, professor layton, guilty gear, arknights, any mii games, project moon, sigcorp series, twewy

music: psyqui, metaroom, machine girl, t+pazolite, mili, cupcakke, loona, the scary jokes, nero's day/lauren bousfield, diveo, aimaiishitsu, phony ppl, ado, capsule, bye2, red vox, 2mello

ytbers: paperboxhouse, alpharad, scott the woz, nakeyjakey, rtgame, shanspeare, lythero, saltydkdan, jessjackdaw, dollightful, summoning salt, jelloapocalypse, toonrifictariq, funke, skurry, scruffy, kkclue, uricksaladbar

unfinished: project nexus & serial experiments lain. also saiki k s2 and layton azran legacy+. planning to watch hxh & soul eater like eventually

misc: cats, habbo economy, webcore, miis, eldritch horror, eyes, animecore, ophanim, graphic design, spiral patterns, official sonic art (especially adventure era), pixel art, character creators


im most active on discord tbh (mutuals only, ask for it) and i constantly forget social media exists in general. im rarely ever on twitter, if u want to talk to me best bet is discord and tumblr

flight rising: omoriboy
arknights: quiz#9335
spacehey: omoriboy
aqw: lalapop
pjsekai: quizshow 116192930380865545
bandori (jp): quizshow 81803130
bandori (en): quizshow 6334901
recolor.me: ost
dappervolk: omoriboy (ia bc this game isnt fun..)

tumblr: main & cookie run
twitter: main & private
more: pinterest & email


i kin for self of identity also pure fun (although i barely do it anymore). calling me by kin names is fine, doubles are swag

id: omori & henry jekyll
high: moca aoba, blueberry pie cookie, cream puff cookie
mid: robots, vicky schmidt, lemon cookie, jevil, moonlight cookie, mad paradox, boo (yes from mario), dedf1sh
low: lego joker, wilson higgsbury, popcorn cookie