why omoriboy?

omori is a psychological horror game that was made with rpg maker MV. it was released on christmas 2020 to critical claim and is generally one of the more popular rpg horrors out there. but if you're here you most likely know that already, infact i bet most of you are here because you wanted this url which tbh is really funny. i'll tell you something you might not know though

omori had its kickstarter goal funded and has been in development since 2014. its original set release date was 2015 (which really shows honestly), but it kept getting pushed back. to put that time in perspective, one of the kickstarters goals that got funded was a 3ds port and the only goal that wasn't hit was a psvita one

so you might be asking what happened during those 6 years and to be fair that time isn't unusual for game development. but i want you to go on this update and scroll down to the comments and you might see a problem... to put it simply, omocat did an absolutely terrible job managing the game. there were rarely ANY updates and when there was one it was usually about the game being delayed, so naturally people got really pissed off during those 6 years. im not going to go into the specifics of it since thats not the point, if you want to learn more watch this (i'll never miss out on a chance to promote uricksaladbar's great editing)

i was around what.. 10? when i found out about omori and it was all thanks to this iconic video. i was absolutely enthralled by it and felt deeply connected to omori right off the bat. i searched for omori on google, bookmarked the kickstarter to follow its progress (i obviously couldn't be a backer but i REALLY wanted to) and followed omocat's socials to find out more about the character. thats when i found a blog called OMORI ひきこもり that was made and ended 2011-2012. the blogs been deleted since around early 2020 i want to say but you know the internet. keep in mind that this is a tumblr blog so it shows posts from latest first, if you want to start from the beginning to the end then start from the bottom of page 5 and go up from there. it doesn't matter much if you don't though

then cut to 2018, i completely forgot about it for 4 years. one day i suddenly remembered, coincidentally 3 days before the kickstarter originally got funded (june 5th). i remembered about how much i loved the game and the characters so i decided to check out the kickstarter again and the tags on social media and i got hit with how badly this game was managed. back then i didn't really have an opinion on the outrage, i just hoped the game would be out soon, but it was EVERYWHERE. i would try to search for art for the game back then and (on tumblr especially) most of what i saw were people calling this game a scam, which is completely fair with how little updates they got. while i was still hopeful i was prepared for this to be a complete scam too, i accepted that i might've been attached to something that was never going to come out

ever since then the games been in the back of my mind. i followed blogs about it so i'd get updated whenever something happened and i tried to involve myself a bit in the community more as 2020 started getting closer. one day i found out that there was a steam page for omori and i was absolutely ecstatic, i didn't believe it was real at first. a week or so before the release i started to get into omoritwt too as @OMORlBOY, but i'm not active on twitter at all so most people there probably won't remember me. anyway!

those 6 years between the games release were the worst years of my life. not because of the game of course, but during those years was when i was going into high school. to be absolutely honest seeing this game release one day was one of the few things keeping me alive. i wanted to know if it'd be good or if it was truly a lie all along, i wanted to finally see everything about the story, i wanted to play it one day. i got really nervous during that last week before the release because that anticipation kept me going and now that it was finally going to be released, that reason for living would be gone. its weird to explain but a very small part of me almost didn't want the game to ever come out

but as you all know the game released. i absolutely love it and i think its great, but even as i was getting my friends into the game i found that i didn't talk about the actual game much. its not that i didn't like doing that, more of i had nothing else to say. that statement still rings true now, if you tried to talk about the game to me i'd only be able to say a few sentences. which is weiiird right? thats why this is pretty much the closest you'll ever get to a dedicated omori shrine on here

i use omori/omoriboy as a username for alot of things as you can see here. my first neocities website was rainbownerdz since thats my favourite candy, but i didn't feel satisfied with the name. so i deleted it (yes i know you can change your url for free your first time but i was stupid) and have kept omoriboy since... early 2020. at first i was going to make it like a carrd site, but then i went onto the websites tab on neocities and decided i should make one too like they do instead actually. its taken alot of effort but i think its worth it

which brings us back to the question, why did i choose omoriboy for this url? i really like omoriboy as a character and related to him a lot since he was the one in the promotional material back then (trust me omori and omoriboy are two totally different people). omoriboy's also a loser and i love him for that, one of his blog posts is literally 'it sucks to live in a world where nice guys finish last' like this guy gets absolutely 0 pussy

also omori.neocities.org was already taken and yes it still has nothing on it...
29/12/2022 edit: good news it now has something on it, bad news its a carrd replacement so whos really winning