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i purposely made this so it fits on the screen i usually use sooo... if this page doesnt look right to you zoom out a bit more!! this page specifically doesn't have flexbox working on it because i gave up on using it on this page ngl


noclip - explore maps from various games
habborator* - habbo history all in one place
3ds hacks* - wdym u have a 3ds and u havent hacked it yet!?
fogu - pretty much the best place for harvest moon stuff
pokecharms - make your own pokemon trainer card
infinite fusion - fuse two pokemon and get custom sprites or abominations
splatoon 3 bingo - a bingo card randomiser with all the weapons in splat3

2048 - that one sliding game. im obsessed w it
frogquest - browser game where u gotta get a frog!!
bemuse - rhythm browser game
tetris* - on my browser!?
picture cards online - cards against humanity with pictures
pokefarm - catch eggs, hatch and care for pokemon
pico-8 - play games made on a fantasy console on your browser
nitrome - you know them right.. right?
fallen london* - a browser text based rpg. welcome, delicious friend

flight rising - funny dragon collecting game
75kt in 30min - i know its a pain in the ass but if ur gonna play flightris u gotta know it
flightris bbcode gen - generates avatars and sprites for your dragons


hackertyper - hacking but for real
strobe - those sure are some strobe lights! [runs into a wall]
pfudor - has autoplay. click on this NOW
crouton - crouton
camerons world - kind of just a rite of passage if ur on neocities
ipod - listen to music on an ipod
emojicombos - copy and paste kaomojis
judge my spotify - how bad is your streaming music?
death generator - generate a text bubble in various video games
aachan - a site hosting ascii art
roingus - squeeze that fucker
worm online - feed.
rotating food archive - idk where to put this..
100k stars - take a tour


jspaint - draw in mspaint.. on a browser ofc
sky cotl concept art - i dont play anymore but god the arts so pretty
baron ueda's works - uhmm i love their art style so so much. thats all
lumanae's art ref masterpost - theres alot in here
a way to scan trad art - there are many ways im sure. heres one
animation masterpost - alot here also, scroll down on this one
sketchdaily* - a site for drawing references
line-of-action - another figure drawing site
kino no tabi scans - the 2003 anime artstyle is wayy superior btw
seirui's shoe tutorial - for detailed sneakers
justsketchme - a site where you can pose a 3d model
pose search - mess with a 3d model and then search for images of the pose their doing
hongkiats list of pixel art tutorials - exactly what it says
vanmalls pixel art tutorials - on various things like objects or colours
clipnote studio - a successor to flipnote studio, downloadable on pc
moemoedotunion - a community of pixel artists
cinni's oekaki - a nice drawing board
anna firth - tutorials in cel, crosshairs & paper compositing
save loomis - a bunch of pdfs for art guidebooks from loomis


justseventeen - blog with seventeen magazine scans
snootie - resources for creatives and graphic designers
method of action - various browser games to learn graphic design
goodbrief - randomly generated design brief for a logo, website or more
ikea museum - old ikea catalogues


xyz* - one of those graphics hoard carrds
green-peach - a bunch of sprites from a few different games
univers-kawaii - a bunch of pixel art graphics on many things. french tw
glitter-graphics - blinkies, dolls, dividers, online now banners, ect - widely known already, a big host of various graphics
jetix* - decome templates, click on her about and theres a few graphics too. theres also his cartoon hoard with over 200 cartoons on there for free but shhh
vampyre - stamps, blinkies, emotes and general graphics
dra9on - small page with stamps, buttons and colour-ordered blinkies
99gif shop - geocities-like graphics
sadtheme's pixel page* - only has small pixels, very neatly categorised
web badges world - hoard of 80x15 pixel buttons
au by kddi - emojis made with pixel art, made in 2001
the 88x31 gif collection - yeah, that one
dolls - haha peachies collection... anyways hoard of sayclub dolls and more
grime - rentry with so much shit. i cant say it all
masqueradeball - rentry with alot less shit. pixel, stamps and blinkies stash
wesource* - replica of
codes - reblogs alot of images that work as backgrounds
rank* - same as above but its categorised


everynoise - preview of many music genres
gnoosic - artist recommendations based on musicians you like
video game music - has pretty much every vgm aside from a few specifics
beepbox - making bit music ooo


you feel like shit - the popular self care interactive
asoftmurmur - atmospheric sounds to soothe the soul
purrli - cat noises......


park city library - they got like.. stuff in there!
space email* - read messages that were sent anytime
unsent project - a collection of unsent texts to first loves
distortion detective - i heavily recommend completing lobotomy corporation & library of ruina before even touching this. get into project moon btw
waifuism guide - a short interesting read into what it is, the community and whats wrong with it. also read here
based cooking - very simple recipe website. didn't know where to put this
dreams end come true - an ultrakill fancomic - site dedicated to people making shrines of their waifus
fandom for robots - starring robots, for robots, by robots..
17776 - its clear that the sport of football needs to change
chartcarr - translations of interviews with toby fox and others


writing excersises - for writers block
inspiration generator - a bunch of quotes for writing
languages - a MEGA folder to learn different languages
itazuraneko - a site with guides to learn japanese
some tumblr post - a general batch of links on different things
obscure words* - exactly what it sounds like. used for symbolism no ones gonna understand without googling or pesterchum handles ig
crv's d&d reading room - large index of stuff to help with worldbuilding


css3 generator - ahh it do the coding for you
homeandlearn - html/css tutorial site that isn't w3schools
sadgrl* - idc if u know how to do html already u will look at this site
octomoosey - keep in mind that their tutorials are for tumblr, but alot of it works for html/css in general
interneting is hard - web development tutorials for complete beginners
w3schools - you know about this already
mf2fm - you also know this one already
hover animations - exactly what it says. shows the css and html used
windowxp draggable window - exactly what it sounds like
html cheatsheet - exactly as it sounds
whatismyscreenresolution* - see what your site looks like in different screen resolutions
mozilla - web dev guides & resources, ive linked the guide for beginners
intro to web revival - for beginners, learn how to make a neocities

eggramen - some neocities templates f2u for your own site
neothemes - some more templates
petitgarcon - neocities template inspired by old geocities and another one
almostsweet - what to say other than neocities template over again..
brigitte - more templates
lioone - you're not gonna be able to guess what this is
joyboy (or here) - one of my fave templates out of all the options
foollovers - more cutesy templates. the sites in japanese
cinni - semi basic layouts


chatbox - like the ones they use in carrds teehee
html comment box - want a comment box that actually lasts instead?
123guestbook - or for your guestbook to be on a seperate website?
statuscafe* - have a status on your page
imood - have a mood on your page
blinkiescafe* - a site with a bunch of customisable blinkies
self-insert webring - exactly as it sounds, can be platonic or romantic
cursor switch - have various graphics trail your cursor
blog switch - have various graphics trail down or up your pages
calendar - a japanese calendar you can put on your site for free
pollcode - make a poll to put on your site
funnysnowman - free cursors
backgrounds archive - was up when myspace was still a thing, still is
textures - an archive of textures that can be used for anything really
caveras - pixel fonts from video games
gifypet - you know about this too at this point. have a creature on ur site
scm music player - a VERY OLD music player. still used on tumblr tbh
transparent textures - download them to use for free
onionring - create your own webring


alphabetize - sorts lists in alphabetical order for you
photopea* - photoshop on ur browser for free
waifu2x - upscales images. theres alot of waifu2x sites btw
catbox - file hosting service up to 200mb
wetransfer - email or link wayyy bigger files to people
removebg - remove the background from an image
tumblr tag replacer - guess what this one does
5etools - site for d&d 5e info and tools, has a random character generator too
8mbvideo - downsizes files to fit discords small ass 8mb limit
igglybuff's awesome list - a masterpost of some pretty awesome stuff
photomosh* - edit an image or video to have a vhs glitch effect
imgflip is dead - imgflip but without the watermark
abyss - free video hosting using iframes. mainly used for...
electric zine maker - make zines. silly and free
replace text - wellll uhmmm. uhhhh uhhmmm


sadgrl's link directory - a better directory than moseni's
peelopaalu - this isnt cheating right...?
ukagaka - site about.. well. ukagakas
activity - tbh the best and most fun way to find sites
post office - anon board to relax and enjoy the small things
windows xp - just on your browser
windows93 - lots of fun things but i mainly use for G80
robots - has info on many robots. i like emiew 3
postcards from google earth - a collection of weird google earth images


feel free to download these and link back to this site! please don't hotlink, of course. id appreciate it if u didnt use these for anything else, especially the buttons, but i cant say i care too much so (whats hotlinking?)