i swear thats a temporary banner image. anyway

the bar was a discord server that ran in 2018-hell. it was a discord server for.. thats right. cookie run roleplay. after a few wacky antics the roleplayers moved to a server called "dessert paradise" (not That one, this was something else). and then that server was accidentally deleted so we moved to another one and renamed it "home". and then it happened again. and again. and now we're on home 3! stay tuned for home 4 folks..

this page was made to give thanks to those funky little roleplayers. the only thing holding us together is that damn server delete button and the jar


oh god its the vampire guy. how do i even begin with him. without him everyone else would definitely not be as close as we are, i doubt the server would even be active. rp would be dead as hell too i'll be real. he really is just the "glue" in the "friendship" jar

has always been funny and is extremely nice too, probably the kindest person ive ever met. he says his typing style hasnt really changed and hes right and i think thats fucked up. i know people find him scary but he literally likes cookie run?

he's an extremely good storyteller and he always has been despite what he wants you to believe (at least since we've met him idk about his skylox days). his characters are always so interesting and if theres anything he loves doing its not following canon at all so you never really know what you're gonna get either. his first character in the rp was adventurer and he STILL fuckin plays the guy just with a different backstory each time. amazing at art and sprite edits too like he steals the show for that. is there anything this bird guy CAN'T do?? (answer: be normal)


i literally already have a page for you *pushes but gentle*

when they write a solo message the mountains shake and the trees fall. i dont know how to describe how they write, it just always feels so grounded and real. they write and its like holy SHIT theres dirt in my mouth from the real. yes. i dont think anyone else on the server could write like how they do, they always have such an energy to it. theres a reason why they rp all the dilfs