hi its been awhile. anyway im here to talk about waifuism because i think im a part of that actually. it took a lot in me to not make a joke referencing the hit character waai fu from arknights btw



i was originally meant to write about why i chose omoriboy as my url and instead gave you a crash course on the development of the game itself. this is pretty much the closest you'll ever get to a dedicated omori shrine on here


part of basils memories

im reading reviews of anime ive never seen before instead of studying for my maths test tomorrow and jeez!! anime was one of the things i wanted to talk about here because of how i feel about it and how much my media section on sites make me look like a basement dweller. which i am not! if anything i dont like most anime because of the tropes in it!!


[05/10/21] first entry, a vent about college
[06/10/21] about college, doing better
[10/10/21] about college, neocities and lbp
[20/10/21] about neocities and fandom pages
[29/10/21] i was stuck in a 1 star hotel during half term break
[01/11/21] i dont like anime at all really.. guess why
[21/11/21] uh.. i went off about how i work and how you should live in the moment ig
[06/01/22] kidnapping mention tw. maybe i should do something about this anxiety thing